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Quit your job and DON'T go to the brainwashing be real
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Quit your job and DON'T go to the brainwashing be real
For some strange reason many people in the 'home based business' arena seem to bash the idea of having a job or going to college..

For a JOB "Just Over Broke" is what they typically call it..

Or they state the fact that you're making somebody else rich if you have one..

So even our doctors, nurses, lawyers, firefighters, teachers etc have all been duped!

Also, with this being graduation season, I've even seen on my timeline where mlmers are convincing their kids that going to college isn't the way to go. I assume that selling detox tea on social media is a better choice of life?

Anyways, I often roll my eyes when I see internet marketers bash having a job or education because it's often someone who has only been brainwashed to repeat what somebody else has said.

I remember there was one guy who followed this type of movement, quit his job with no real success and nearly lost his house. For those of you who might be reading this and have a day job that you're considering quitting in order to pursue your career on the interwebs or for the young bucks who are contemplating finishing or going to college, let me just give you a sincere reality check.


The more security you have the BETTER and the less stressed you are when it comes to building your empire. I would even go as far as waiting until you've made at least your day job income 6 months in a row just to be completely sure you can quit comfortably..

I can't even imagine trying to build a business while I'm worried about if rent would be paid this month or not. Keep your job, pay your bills and work on your online business at the same time. Besides, you get health insurance!

2.) Go or STAY In College

While I don't have a big fancy degree, I often wish I would've finished for various reasons. Maybe I'll go back one day, who knows, but for the younger bucks on here who are either contemplating going to college or finishing listen up..

I wish I would've stayed mainly to have a better "social foundation". From my regrets, don't rob yourself of this experience! Now, is going to college and getting a degree necessary to become a successful entrepreneur? Absolutely not, but when you see the job and education bashers say things like "Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college and he's a billionaire" just remember that Zuckerberg dropped out of HARVARD.

I'll rest my case..
06-11-2016 01:31 PM
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