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Full Version: What exactly is it?
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Link Building is one thing I don't recall ever doing. What does it even entail? Is it a way of building back links to your site? Or is it a way of just creating a wider following for your site?

I know I should know something like this, but I never tried it, and I suppose I should have? I want to hear what you guys have to say.
I read a little bit about it and from the sounds of it, it's a way to get more inbound links to your site. I believe what this means, is that someone will need to post a link of yours on someone else's site, and I think that may be an inbound link? I'm not too sure if that's correct though, but I tried.
Links are votes. The more sites voting on your site the more Page Rank in Google. You can also create backlinks your self in online directories, news feeds, blog posting and as some of us are doing here: forum posting.

I would be careful though. Dont get backlinks from shitty porn sites or stuff like that. Get them from high ranking relevant sites in your niche.