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Full Version: The purpose of this forum
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• The purpose of this forum is to spread and share knowledge and experience in how to build a webpage that is totally optimized in every aspect. Design, loadspeed, keywords, images, sales psychologi, conversions etc.

• We focus mostly on WordPress and WordPess related stuff as this is the most popular CMS, but system expertise from other CMS's are welcome too :-)

• We don't accept donations. The forum is financed by AdSense and by selling this ebook: TotalWordPressOptimization.
Great to hear, WordPress is somewhat a pretty perfect CMS to use Smile
What about adding World Peace to the Purpose :-)
(12-09-2013, 07:45 AM)Robert Wrote: [ -> ]What about adding World Peace to the Purpose :-)

I totally agree :-)))
In the near future there will be a sub forum here on TWO where it will be possible for members to sell WordPress/SEO related stuff. We are planning this as we speak - so to say :-)

It is not hard to implement and we are working/talking about how tis should e designed :-)
I love the site, I am just starting with WordPress and I am hoping to find here all the help that I need! Smile