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Full Version: Read this before you post your TWO
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If you want to promote an information product you created follow these guide lines:

1. If you have any doubt about your product is suited or qualified send a PM to Admin.

2. Start a new thread with the title of your product

3. Create your sales page as pure graphics max. 1090px wide and as long as necessary. Wider than 900px will be left justified. Smaller than 900px will be centered.

4. In the thread you created create a new thread, give it a title and upload your image somewhere where you can link to it.

5. Under your image you can have an image link or a text link redirecting to your payment page or you can go to PayPal and create a Buy Now button.

6. Mail $15 to

7. PM admin that you have a product ready.

8. Your product goes live when payment is acknowledged.
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