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Full Version: How to get into Social Media Marketing for Businesses
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Hi all,

Today I have few "confusing questions" for you guys. They're confusing because I myself am not sure what I should be asking and where to start and where to end?

Anyways, I was giving it a thought for days now and I think, some warriors here might comeup with what I need to know, so here goes. Before I start, I am just a regular IM guy (entry level) and I have never played with SMM, but now I'm seriously looking to get into it.


I want to know how I can start a social media campaign for any business using techniques that really work.

What exactly does it involve to know if I want to enter in SMM?

How long should I wait to see results coming?

If you think these are noob questions, I already warned you in the beginning...
I think if you advertise well enough, you can make it a business with a doubt.
The key to success with social media is to be consistent and create quality content. Simple yet difficult.