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Full Version: Social Media Marketing Techniques
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I am looking for people to give me some social media marketing techniques they have tried that work.

I can get a couple of hundred unique views a day from social media sites if I share to all of my connections.

I get Twitter followers from Twiends, Facebook page likes from You Like Hits, I join groups in Linked In, I have followers on Stumble Upon, and I have followers on Google Plus.

I am gradually adding to my social media marketing list of friends and followers, but I am hoping I can get some suggestions as to how to increase my list of social connections faster, or a better way to get traffic from social media.

Can you please share your favorite social media marketing techniques?
Well I think that FB ads has been what I get most Social Media visitors from. It is possible to do campaigns that only cost a few pennies a click.
I think FB Ads may help a little bit.
Facebook ads are great and they only charge per click so it'salways a good affordable investment.