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Full Version: WP-Stats-Dashboard
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WP-Stats-Dashboard is a brilliant invention that lets you see a lot of stats from your WordPress dashboard.

It gives you:

Views pr. day
Alexa/FaceBook/MySpace/Twitter (and others) friends
Page Rank
Top Authors
Post stats
Social engagement
And a lot of other useful stuff.

It is a great plugin and the only thing I have noticed is when want to see referrers I get a ridiculous errormessage: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

Otherwise it is a very comprehensive plugin that offers tons of stats.
It is a great plugin with detailled info. The downside is that the Admin page loads significantly slower.
I have used this and its the best i have used for its kind and has no real problems, excellent plugin!
It is a very fine plugin, but I get that error message too...
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