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Full Version: Mobile websites
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Hey guys,

So the past 6 months or so, I've been constantly reading this thread about your experiences and opinions on Mobile.

As a generation Y guy, there is only one direction I see the future heading and that's towards mobile.

So today I started making my first big plunge into SELLING mobile websites.

Here's my tactic right now.
1. Each day I find ten businesses through yelp or Google places that have a desktop website. Five in my local vicinity and five in Sydney which is a few hours from me but has more visited restaurants, bigger population and tourists, etc.

2. Email them and say something along the lines of "Hey Hamburger shop! I love your burgers but not your mobile site. I'm browsing through your site on my iPhone and it doesn't work properly [attach screenshot]"

3. Await their reply and then hit them with the "How about I make a mobile site mockup of what your site COULD look like" (I'm using WillR's Mobile WSO)

4. Await the "Wow how much does this cost" phrase in which case I hit them with a low cost set up fee + monthly pricing that will make it's money back with one or two meals OR the "nah, we don't really see the value in mobile sites" which in this case I link them to Google's gomo study, bombard them with facts, etc.

5. Once they're a customer, ask for referrals.

So right now I'm just testing what the success rate of this tactic is like. It's only the first day, so the results a few weeks down the line will be interesting to watch!

Maybe physically walking into the businesses will be an option later
Suggestions on how to improve could be very helpful to not only me, but all of us!
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