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Full Version: Partner drops out, what do you do?
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Starting a joint venture can be quite hard I imagine. Joint refers to two, so what would you do if your partner dropped out of the venture mid way in? How does someone deal with such a problem? Do they go forward? Should that person then find a new partner to invest with? Or is it best to go back to the drawing board?
Go forward however I can. If I need to get someone else on board, than I'll do my best to do that. But if a partner left, and there's nothing else I could do, it'd be best to move on like the partner. No use in prolonging the inevitable after all.
You have some options, like to drop out yourself. Unless you have investing everything into the business, then you'd need to find new investors and get them on board. Now, if someone doesn't come along to help, you might have to drop out of it all and see if you can gain any money back.
Always be careful. never put all your eggs in the same basket!
I think the only thing that can really be done, is go to the drawing board and see what one can do to get through it. If there's nothing, than figure out someway to profit from it, even if the profit is a loss. At least then you get some of your investment back.
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