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Full Version: Why SSEO is important?
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I personally feel Search engine optimization is pretty enough these days to get some business. We can get some business even with a single social media (like LinkedIn or Facebook). Then what makes SSEO different from others? SEO includes strategic project planning then why we need to go for SSEO?

Why it is important nowadays?
Because the market changes everyday and customers got used to the best stuff and they won't be satisfied until they get the best and get it fast, so you need to find out what do your customers need by market research so that you would be better ranked. The happier customers-the better ranked site Smile
Day by day the search engine optimization is changing. New and new way of marketing are introducing. In the same way, search engines are also updating its algorithm to stop spam. I remember, once a time when we get our SEO campaign results which 2-3 months but now it takes time.
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