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Full Version: This changed my perspective on money
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That's kinda scary!
Why did it change your perspective on money? In my view, money has been a problem in many countries for a long time, and many corrupt people take hard earned money of many. Thing is, we need to fix the economy of the US and many other countries, essentially the whole world. Otherwise we will continue to fall victim to these politicians and big time money makers taking in a ton of money each year, while we, the people lose out and end up getting paid less and less every year.
What needs to be done is that money isn't spent on the rich so much when all they do is sit at a desk and take meetings every so often. The distribution of wealth is the problem. CEOs are making so much money. The sad thing is, is that they rarely spend any of the money they make and redistribute it into the economy.
I agree with Randy on this. It seems that the rich are just putting their money away in a massive safe to never spend it ever. Which is sad. I know if the rich were to spend a lot of their money, they'd help the economy big time.
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