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Full Version: Linking social media on youtube videos
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I have gotten great results from linking social media on my youtube channel header.
I havent been able to put a youtube cover on my channel, The photos are never aligned properly it's terrible..
If you're able to get a popular YouTube channel going, you might be able to get some traffic to your social media accounts, but it has to be highly popular YouTube account, otherwise you probably wont get too many hits on any of your social media accounts.
I finally found a template for the youtbe channel cover and use it. You need an image much larger than what you will use. It's funny how youtube made such a terribly hard to use feature.
Yeah I like having social media buttons placed on anything really. The same goes for YouTube. If I could get viral and popular on YouTube, I'd be happy to advertise my social profiles to hopefully get my presence out there more and show my followers who I am. That's one thing I like about Twitter so much.