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Full Version: Optimization Tips
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1. Host Assets Separately: Things like images, javascripts and CSS that doesn’t require server-side processing.

2. Compression: Compressing the content reduces the time needed to process each request.
Here's a website to understand more about it:

3. Merge Multiple Javascripts Into One : I guess this doesn't need any explanation, it's more logical too. Smile

4.Handling Web Images: if you want to avoid images slowing down your website and losing impatient viewers, you need to learn about the formats and how you should save your images for the web.
If you have any more tips or see something wrong with my post, say it in the comments.
Yeah - if you have lots of images or other heavy stuff use CDN and benefit from parallel loading. Also combine css. W3TC can do both for you and can also combine Java scripts.
Wow, I didn't know this about saving images, thanks for the article!
Ha ha thats a funny cat :-)
Thanks for sharing these tips. Definitely going to help newbies like me out for sure.